Kornél Kovács

Kornél Kovács

He became the youngest ever former jungle DJ in Scandinavia by the age of 14, reads Kovács' biography. By the age of 20 he was a resident at Paradise in Stockholm, and he went on to host on the highly influential Dans Show on P3 radio, a station that Adam Beyer, Eric Prydz and Jesper and John Dahlbäck also passed through. His years of experience are obvious and as a co-founder of Stockholm’s Studio Barnhus label, he has spent the past years developing a quirky aesthetic that draws freely from disco, italo, freestyle and easy listening. Besides his ebullient and wildly dynamic productions and DJ sets, Kornél Kovács is the Swedish producer in charge of bringing capital-F Fun back to the dancefloor. See you front left. 





08.09 — 09.09